At Eastgate Stamps and Coins, we trade in a variety of gold and South African coins. Beyond this, our specialty is buying and selling Krugerrands.

Krugerrands were created as a way for the public to own gold bullion, and their value is directly linked to the Dollar Gold Price. This makes buying Krugerrands ideal for aspiring investors interested in entering the gold coin market. And, in these economic times, investing in gold coins is a wise decision to add value across your investment portfolio.

Despite the direct link between the Dollar/Gold price and the value of the coin, prices vary from dealer to dealer, particularly when it comes to rare or collectors’ Kruggerrand coins. So in order to avoid overpriced and questionable traders when buying or selling Krugerrands, it’s essential to shop around for value, quality and reliability.

As a prominent Krugerrand dealer, you can trust us to buy and sell your valuable Krugerrands at a fair price. Our years of experience in the field have given us the knowledge not only to identify quality but also to advise and trade in a professional environment. What’s more, whether you’re buying or selling a Krugerrand, you’ll get paid within 24 hours of the transaction. 

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